Don’t Be That Guy Part 2 of 3 – Fear God!

Don’t Be That Guy Part 2 of 3 – Fear God

Guillermo Medina, a fellow elder at Communion Chapel, brought a much-needed message about a greatly neglected topic – The Fear of God.

It is not vogue to promote the fear of God. But awe and reverence for the Almighty is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10), the basis for good leadership (Exodus 18:21), and a big pole in the tent of Jesus’ example of effective praying (Hebrews 5:7).

The fear of God is not a paralyzing terror. It is a right and reverent regard for a God that is holy and to whom we much give account. Where a morbid fear immobilizes a man a godly fear propels him toward God-honoring righteous.

Thank you, Guillermo for the exhortation toward fearing God.

Hebrews 5:7 (NKJV): who, in the days of His flesh, when He had offered up prayers and supplications, with vehement cries and tears to Him who was able to save Him from death, and was heard because of His godly fear