Small Groups

This is your Communion Chapel Small Groups resource page. Whether you are leading, supporting, or attending one of our small groups you will find what you need here. A listing of the small groups is in the table below. After that you will find links to small group notes for our study in Ruth.

Communion Chapel Series in Acts (19 April 2020 – 30 May 2020)
Monday Tuesday Thursday Sunday

Group 1: Dan Strader, Guillermo and Suzy Medina
7:00 PM

Group 2: Mike Pratt and Rusty Postell
7:00 PM

Group 3: Roderick and Darlene Barnes
7:00 PM

Group 4: Rosemary Pratt
10:00 AM
Group 5: Jim and Delia Voss
7:00 PM
Group 6: Rudy and Brianne Rocamontes
6:00 PM

Group 7: Dr. Pat Wilson and Carmen Puente
9:30 AM

Getting Signed Up: Getting into a group is easy. Simply send your email and cell phone number to the cell number associated with the group. For example, if you want to be in Group 2, send a message to with your email ( and cell (210.867.5309).

Small Group Resources for the series Missional Living Part 1

Small Group Resources for the series Against Ruthless Society