Nursery Care

Your Baby,

Your Child,

Our Joy

Our Purpose To help each child:


  • Feel comfortable, happy, loved and secure
  • Feel secure with the adults and other children in various situations
  • Begin to associate God with feelings of love and happiness
  • Want to talk with God in a child-like way
  • Feel that Jesus loves him/her and others
  • Think of the Bible as a special book, become familiar with it, and enjoy the Bible stories related to his/her experience.

Dear Parent,

What a joy it is to have your child in our Nursery department! Our nursery is not a babysitting service. We believe that it is possible to share the love of Christ with a child from the day of his birth. We are proud of our nursery and of the loving workers who faithfully serve whenever nursery care is needed. Care is provided for our Sunday morning service and for special church functions. Your baby/child is a very special person to us. We do our utmost to provide the loving care he or she deserves. In order to provide better care for your child, we have guidelines which are outlined here. We trust that you will not find the requests demanding. Rather, we feel they reflect the high standards of hygiene and efficiency necessary to maintain proper care for your little one. Your cooperation will help us greatly. With these guidelines in mind, we submit ourselves to God as people whom you can trust to stand with you in the ministry to the family God has given you. We also encourage your prayers.


When you bring and pick-up your baby…
In order to aid our nursery workers, we ask that you sign-in giving instructions for care of your child and indicate where you can be located. Please label your child’s belongings (i.e. diaper bag, bottle, pacifier, etc.) The nursery worker will put a number on your child, one on the diaper bag, and one will be given to you. This will be your claim tag when picking up your child. Each room will be assigned a different color tag with a number on it. The number will also be used to call you while you are in church if the need arises. Look for the number to show up on the digital pager board which is mounted on the wall directly behind the piano.

Infant Rm: Yellow
Toddler/Walker Rm: Red
2&3 Yr. Old Rm. Blue


Parents who enter the child care area often create disorder for the children and the workers.  There is also the danger of the child on the floor being injured or escaping.


No baby/child will be released to anyone but the parents unless written permission has been given.

 Suggestions for Your Child’s
Diaper Bag

When you bring your baby to the nursery (Infant or Toddler room), please include the following items in your diaper bag:

  •   2 or 3 disposable diapers;
  •   a bottle already made;
  •   a complete change of clothes;

Please don’t leave personal items in diaper bag.


In order to protect all children, please do not leave a child who has the following symptoms:

Fever, sore throat, or a cough
Red or runny eyes
Yellow or green discharge from the nose

If your child becomes ill while in the nursery, you will be notified promptly.


Bottles or cups are the only type of feeding we do for infants. We don’t spoon feed a child while in the nursery. We provide toddlers with animal crackers and water.

Special Provisions

Please check with the infant nursery workers for the nursing areas and changing provisions

Care of the Nursery

Special care is taken to keep the nursery rooms clean and safe. Toys and equipment are sanitized after each use.


Parent Rotational Program

If you have a nursery-aged child (this includes the 2 & 3 yr. olds) and are a regular attendee at our church, you will be asked to work in the Parent Rotational Program.

This program stresses parent involvement with the children.  The experience will help you develop your skills in sharing spiritual values with the children of our church.  The experience will also be valuable in your personal home/family relationships.  If your child shares in the use of our nursery facilities, we urge you to share in the responsibility of adequate and quality nursery care by taking your turn in the rotational program.

Please check with the Nursery Director to sign up for this rotational program.  Thank you and God Bless.

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