Current Deacons

 Jim Voss – Deacon over administration

Jim Voss and his wife, Delia, began attending Communion Chapel in May, 2003. In 2004, Jim was asked to sit in as an ex-officio member of the elder board. He served in that capacity until 2005. He was then elected by the congregation to  serve full-time on the board. He served as an elder from 2004-2011. At the end of his term, he was required to step down due to the church constitutional term limits. During his time on the board, he served as secretary, treasurer, and chairman of the board. In 2006, he served on the pastoral selection committee who nominated Mike Pratt as our senior pastor.

In addition to his duties as elder, Jim and Delia organized and lead teams of youth on short-term summer mission trips to Mexico with Mission Discovery in 2006-2008. He has also lead numerous couples’ Sunday School classes and has been leading/co-leading a home fellowship group for nearly four years. Jim and Delia have been married for 38 years and have 2 children and seven grandchildren.