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Lessons from the Life of Abram: Obey Immediately (Genesis 12:1-9)

Lesson 2 – Obey Immediately (Genesis 12:1-9) Introduction From the pages of Scripture Abram gives us advice on being successful with God. In the notes that follow I attempt to convey his counsel to us in three areas: (1) obedience, (2) learning, and (3) worship. Brevity, although I strive for it, has often eluded me

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The Master’s Plan – Consecration (Matthew 11:29)

The Master’s Plan – Consecration (Matthew 11:29) Jesus did not shoot from the hip. His goal of reaching the world with enduring help and eternal hope was not based on random acts of kindness or sentimental moods. He had a plan for defeating the devil, dealing with human depravity, and developing His church. At first

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