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Lessons from the Life of Abram: Count on God (Genesis 12:10-20)

Lesson 3 – Count on God (Genesis 12:10-20) Introduction Abram is a man of faith. He does not have to have fine-grained details in order to do God’s will (Hebrews 11:8). By faith he is able to work with vague directions and set out from what is familiar for an unknown country. For what? For

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Lessons from the Life of Abram: Obey Immediately (Genesis 12:1-9)

Lesson 2 – Obey Immediately (Genesis 12:1-9) Introduction From the pages of Scripture Abram gives us advice on being successful with God. In the notes that follow I attempt to convey his counsel to us in three areas: (1) obedience, (2) learning, and (3) worship. Brevity, although I strive for it, has often eluded me

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